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Your Property is in Good Hands

Property inspections are a critical component of reducing risk and loss severity on any asset. TCS helps lenders identify and resolve issues early in the process. Ensuring that the collateral (the property) is a good investment before granting a loan, will help to reduce expense and time, resulting in minimal losses.

This is what we will do for you:

  • Handle the technical discussions with quantity, valuation and land surveyors, architects, attorneys, Parish Councils to streamline processes that may require the involvement of these partners.
  • Conduct random visits to properties to mitigate risk of unauthorized construction that may cause breaches or encroachments.
  • Ensure that the scope of work is being done in accordance to the approved drawing and the Bill of Quantity submitted.
  • Make recommendations on whether the proposed security should be financed.
  • Outline the scope, work schedule and accurately budget from the start of a project. Monitor the project through the construction phase with periodic recommendations for tranche payments to ensure same is completed upon final disbursement.
  • Recommend how to increase productivity during construction so that the project can be completed within the time budgeted.
  • Mitigate risks of a project failing.