Administration and Operations Manager

Maurice Powell

Administration and Operations Manager

Totally Motivated

“Vision without action is a daydream. ” 

A man of excellence committed to executing his duties with diligence, passion and an eye for detail: this is Maurice Powell, Administration and Operations Manager, who has been a part of TCS leadership since 2009.

With a Masters in Banking and Finance under his belt, and certifications in Personal Management and Financial Planning underway, Maurice is a lifelong learner and enjoys empowering others with what he knows. In the TCS context, this centres on strategic, restorative debt management with both TCS customers and their debtors in mind.

Having worked in collections within the Banking and Loan Bureau spaces, Maurice understands that recovering outstanding money is vital for the businesses they serve, but so is retaining and even growing their customers bases. Navigating that balance requires the kind of holistic approach that considers a strong collection management strategy alongside an educational, rehabilitative process. Doing so with conviction and compassion leads to a strong performance in both debt recovery and customer retention- the ultimate TCS goal.

In his spare time, Maurice can be found reading or enjoying a wide array of musical genres, with Gospel being his favourite.