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Let us put that to work for you

TCS is committed to helping businesses navigate their customer arrears. When uncollected customer debt escalates, it can impact your bottom line. No matter the size of the enterprise, a healthy cash flow is crucial to business operation, continuity and growth.

A compromised cashflow can hinder business growth with fewer funds available to invest in your staff, products or projects. This can lead to increased staff turnover, and a less favourable response from banking institutions, other lenders or investors.

When your cash flow is being impacted by uncollected customer debts, TCS can help your business recoup your money without damaging your reputation or your customer relationships.

TCS accomplishes this by developing repayment plans designed to achieve improved compliance and effective debt resolution. Services include pairing technology with training to resolve customer debt issues and restore robust business bottom-lines. We have the right formula to recover Mortgages, Auto Loans, outstanding Credit Card balances and Personal Loans. TCS is also especially skilled at recovering aged receivables such as school fees, maintenance fees, legal fees and unpaid medical bills.

TCS is the gold standard of restorative debt management dedicated to helping you lose the debt, not the customer.

Our process:

The TCS team of experts apply empathy + strategy to develop repayment terms that work for your customers.
We educate and empower your customers with advice, debt consolidation and accountability tactics to improve their credit.
The extended TCS network includes law enforcement, legal professionals and investigators for comprehensive strategies for tracking, tracing and rehabilitating customers in arrears.

Experience the 4 steps of TCS success:

We carefully analyse the information our clients provide in order to develop the appropriate – collection strategy.

We offer our industry expertise and insights to help guide our client’s best business decisions.

We recover your outstanding funds quickly and efficiently through a variety of methods, including:

Skip tracing – Locating elusive customers both locally and internationally

GIS mapping – Using geo-location technology for analytics on debtors, properties and customers in arrears to inform location-based risk assessment and mitigation decisions.

Site visits – Visiting home and office to make key face-to-face contact

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We work with your customers to ensure their compliance with the repayment terms and monitor their debt behaviours to help them reclaim a solid credit performance and maintain healthy debt management going forward. This means more control for them and more money for you.


  • Assess the customer’s account and where applicable, restructure the terms of the agreement.
  • Recommend debt consolidation where this is a viable option for the debtor.
  • Make arrangements that will enable the debtor to settle the arrears in full or in lump sum payments on or before the due date.
  • Provide support through monitoring of these monthly payments.
  • Offer financial coaching geared towards bettering payment habits that will improve credit rating.

Have your cake and it too by recovering outstanding customer debts without damaging your business reputation or your customer relationships. Lose the debt. Not the Customer. That’s the TCS way.