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That’s the TCS Way

Total Credit Services (TCS) is committed to supporting businesses to recover defaulted customer loans while retaining the relationship.

When customer arrears begin to negatively impact profitability and growth, professional debt management companies like TCS can help resolve these non-performing loans (NPLs). While many businesses may seek to pursue these outstanding funds on their own, this may lead to  becoming overwhelmed by tedious paperwork, diverting critical resources of time, money, and human effort away from essential business-building activities.  Your business needs people, profits and productivity to thrive.

The TCS approach involves developing repayment plans with the borrowers that foster compliance and accountability, with a team that applies strategy and empathy to their debt recovery processes for a high rate of success.

The dual-focused strategy designed to boost business revenue, reputation and relationships is the TCS gold-standard of restorative debt management.

TCS combines technology with training and industry experience to generate solutions that work to resolve customer debt issues, including debt recovery, public auction, private treaty, foreclosures and property inspection. All these strategies serve businesses in 3 key ways:

  • Efficiently recover uncollected customer debts
  • Help protect business reputations and customer relationships so growth and legacy stay on track
  • More time to focus on core business.

These are some of the ways in which TCS delivers its mandate to ensure that their business customers “Lose the debt. Not the customer.”

We are your debt consultant. Let’s put your business back in the black by crafting the best debt management plan for your business.