Property Inspections


Inspection lays the foundation for sound investments

Property inspections are a critical component of reducing risk and loss severity on any asset. We help lenders identify and resolve issues early in the process. Ensuring that the collateral (the property) is a good investment before granting a loan, will help to reduce expense and time, resulting in minimal losses.

TCS helps you through the property inspection process by:

  • Handling technical discussions with surveyors, architects, attorneys and Parish Councils
  • Conducting random visits to minimize the risk of unauthorized construction
  • Ensuring that work is being done in accordance to the approved drawing and the Bill of Quantity submitted
  • Making recommendations on whether the proposed security should be financed
  • Advising on how to increase productivity so that the project can be completed within the budgeted time
  • Mitigating the risks of a project failing

We have Property Inspection on lock. Let’s develop a plan for your business today.  Connect with us to get started today.