Managing Director

Tanisha Jones, MSc, BSc, PMP, FCA

Managing Director

       “Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.” ~ Noela Evans.

Precise, focused and results-oriented, Tanisha Jones brings to Total Credit Services (TCS) a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of Accounting, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Service Delivery, underpinned by operational proficiency.

Tanisha has acquired immeasurable knowledge from her lengthy career in service delivery, which has seen her serve in every position from the entry level to the executive. Her experience and insight throughout the trajectory of her journey have honed key skill sets that position her today as a qualified leader. Tanisha is able to visualise key objectives, analyse all the moving parts, motivate staff towards the shared goals, and ensure that the teams and the tactics deployed are effectively aligned. These are essential to her role in delivering the key business promises of the TCS brand.

“A career in service delivery has taught me that understanding the job is important, but so is ensuring that your team is informed and empowered and equipped to excel. I’m excited about the possibilities ahead of the TCS team as we continue delivering exemplary service to all our stakeholders, “ she said.

Project Management Insititute (PMI)-certified and a Fellow Charted Accountant, Tanisha holds numerous other qualifications including a BSc in Business Administration (Accounting) and an MSc in Accounting. She brings a keen appreciation of balancing targets and team management to ensure that objectives are met while teams remain motivated.

Tanisha is fully committed to optimising operations, bolstering efficiency all along the service delivery chain to drive high-performance results as the team develops restorative debt management solutions, while playing her part in developing meaningful rapport with everyone involved in the process from the TCS staff to the clients and their borrowers.

When she’s not optimising service delivery for the company, she can be found with her friends and family, watching sports or outside, where she enjoys exploring sustainable, eco-friendly approaches to gardening.