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Debt Recovery

At TCS, we do care

We know you really want all your customers’ accounts to be current and in good standing. But sometimes, some customers hit a bad patch that could leave you with a ballooning bad debt portfolio. It is for occasions such as these that we have worked out the right measures for getting at the details for rehabilitation, assessing customer debt portfolios and providing debt consolidation solutions that take the stress away from you and your valuable customers. This is designed so those accounts that fall behind can get back up to speed in good time.

How do we do it?

  • We assess the customer’s account and where it is feasible to restructure the terms of the agreement with the institution, we facilitate this process for the customer
  • We recommend debt consolidation where this is a viable option for the debtor
  • We put an arrangement in place that will enable the debtor to settle the arrears in full or in lump sum payments on or before the due date.
  • We provide support through the monitoring of these monthly payments
  • A debtor who makes 12 consecutive payments, in full, as agreed, will be considered rehabilitated!


  • More money in hand to invest
  • Improve on technologies that fuel growth in the business

Some customers would qualify for refinancing products, in such cases we can provide assistance with expedited access to such loan facilities.

Let us take care of all your delinquent customer accounts.